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Market Research

Our full-service market research team centers the voices of all Iowans and provides answers to critical questions for nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses promoting products, services, or ideas within Iowa. With the best database in the state, we go the extra mile to ensure every voice is heard. But we don’t just collect data; we translate it into meaningful insights, recommendations, and actions.

As a research partner, we offer flexible services tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. We can take on the full project lifecycle, from planning and recruitment to conducting focus groups and reporting findings. Alternatively, we can serve as local market experts, providing essential insights and support to complement your internal research efforts.

Private observation room in Horizon Group focus group facility with view of 12-person conference room.

Market Research Services

Qualitative & Intuitive

  • Recruitment Services

  • Facilitation and Moderation

  • Traditional In-Person and Online Focus Groups

  • In-depth One-on-One Interviews

  • Online Bulletin Boards

  • Ethnography

  • Facility Rental

  • Polling

Quantitative & Informative

  • Surveys: Mail, Telephone, Online and Live-Intercept

  • Survey/Questionnaire Development and Design

  • Survey Programming

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Reporting and Recommendations

  • Polling

Industry Associations


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Become a Paid Research Participant

Your opinion matters! Impact products and services by sharing your opinions on local and national issues by participating in market research.